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    Blog — Kawasaki

    Old Bike Barn's Kawasaki KZ400 Born Free Bike

    Old Bike Barn's Kawasaki KZ400 Born Free Bike
    What did you think when you were selected as a born free builder?
    I'll never forget the day I got the email from Mike & Grant. I woke up Tuesday October 1st, grabbed my phone to check emails, the subject line on one email read "Welcome Born-Free 11 Invited Builders". Confused by this I clicked into it and there was a graphic with my name on it along with 29 other builders... I audibly yelled out "What the fuck". My girlfriend looked at me and asked what was wrong and I proceeded to tell her I was selected as a builder for the 2019 Born Free Motorcycle Show. I was completely shocked by it, never in a million years would I have thought that I would be building a motorcycle for Born Free. 

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