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    About Us

    Proudly supporting vintage motorcyclists since 2001!


    In 2001 when we started OldBikeBarn.com, there were no mega parts sites, Facebook or Instagram. E-Commerce was still in its infancy and the idea of selling new parts for vintage motorcycles using high technology was a little ahead of the curve.

    The landscape of motorcycle parts sales has shifted a lot over the years and we adapted as bigger and bigger fish joined the pond. In the last 15 years we have weathered some storms from ever changing supply chains and discontinuation of parts, to take over attempts by aging distributors. Old Bike Barn has remained independent and forward facing through it all. When you buy from us you are supporting a small independent business run by enthusiasts.

    If you need to talk to us, there are humans that ride motorcycles, on the other end of the line! We’re not riding the current vintage wave, we have been here since long before vintage was cool, supporting motorcycles that are 10 years old and older and the people that ride them. Old Bike Barn specializes in hard parts for vintage American & Japanese motorcycles that many shops consider obsolete and won't service!

    Our hard parts offerings are the result of years of work putting together a selection of parts that keep the bikes we love on the road. Whether you're doing a resto-mod, chopper or café racer, Old Bike Barn has the parts selection you won’t find anywhere else and a knowledgeable staff to back it up!

    Keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.

    -The Old Bike Barn team!

    Professional Hat Juggler
    Humble leader of this band of bike part slingers
    Shipping & Logistics Manager
    The guy that makes sure you get your shit
    Operations Manager
    The guy that makes sure we keep our shit together
    Photographic Correspondent
    Damn that sounds fancy, AKA the camera guy
    The Part Timer
    Resident desk drummer and fill-er-inner guy
    The Chef
    Accounting & Bear wrangling

    Old Bike Barn is a mail order parts and accessories business headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA. We ship parts directly to your door and can be reached at 888 851 5559, 10am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday. You can also reach us 24/7 through our customer service ticket system by clicking here!

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