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    Blog — FBP8

    Husqvarna CR250: Motocross Legend

    Husqvarna CR250: Motocross Legend
    When you’ve been making products for over 300 years, you learn a thing or two about making things last and making things count. 
    For Husqvarna, this journey of making things that count began way, way back in 1689. Founded in the Swedish town of Huskvarna, they originally began producing muskets for the Swedish army. In fact, their logo is still an H with a set of gun sights on top of it! Their march towards domination of the off-road motorcycle racing world wouldn’t take place until well into the mid-1950s when a new form of racing known as “Motor - Cross” (today known as “Motocross”) was taking over post World War II Europe. 
    At the core of their growth and dominance was the 250CC off-road motorcycle. Later known as the CR 250, it was simple, durable, and fast. We can’t wait to tell you all about this amazing machine: 

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