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    Blog — FBP4

    McKeag Art: The Moto Art World of Darren McKeag

    McKeag Art: The Moto Art World of Darren McKeag
    When it comes to moto-centric art, there are a few names that come to mind from the chopper magazines pages of yesteryear, but the artists of today who are carrying on that tradition with a blending of mediums and style are what will keep the movement fresh for years to come. One such artist out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is Darren McKeag of "McKeag Art". McKeag blends his love for motorcycles, tattooing, and all the fast paced fun of everything in between. He mixes that style to become an extremely well rounded artist that tackles everything from tank and helmet art, pinstriping, illustration, large scale paper and canvas painting, drawing, and of course, art of the skin. We met with Darren to discuss some of the pieces he was proudly displaying at this years Indian Larry Block Party in Brooklyn, New York. We were able to get a sense for his incredible way of life and what keeps him inspired to create in the now well-defined "McKeag Art" style that has made its way all over the country in many different mediums.

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