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    Willie's Fundraiser


    Willie's Fundraiser 

    As many of you have heard Willie of world-famous Tropical Tattoo and Willies Chopper Time fame was recently in a crash.

    On a recent call catching up, Bear from Old Bike Barn and Michael hatched a plan to support Willie it seemed like the right thing to do for a man that has done so much for others. After some discussion we have decided to offer the very same prints we recently use for a Willies Veterans fundraiser but this time to help the man himself.

    Willie has been doing charitable work for 20 plus years and now it's our turn to give something back to him. A bad wreck, with lost work, hospital bills, and the associated expenses that come when an uninsured driver hits you are no joke. 

    We will be offering these high-quality prints from world-renowned motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter for 30 days only.

    100% of the proceeds benefit Willie and his family. 

    The Art:

    Included are some iconic Daytona personalities, artistic shots that would look great in any home or shop, and since the pair have spent a bunch of time together in the Himalayas, it seemed fitting to include a handful of inspirational shots from Bear's Motorcycle Sherpa Nepal trips.


    Please buy a beautiful print and support a good cause!