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    Ironhead 72-85

    The XLCH was a sportier version of the XL883 Sportster introduced in 1959 two years after the original. "CH" supposedly standing for "Competition Hot." These were stripped-down models oriented toward on- and off-road work with magneto ignition, high exhaust pipes, solo seat, smaller "peanut" tank, and lighter overall weight.

    It also featured the now-famous "eyebrow" headlight cover that remains a Sportster trademark. Harley-Davidson also offered the XLH, a dressed-up, touring-influenced version that was outsold by its sportier sibling. Power rose steadily over the years, earning the fleet Sportster the nickname "King of the Drags" -- an unofficial title it would hold until the late 1960s. Of course, this was at a time when most of its competitors were British 650-cc twins, which spotted considerable displacement to the 883-cc Sportster. And in drag racing, size matters.

    Old Bike Barn offers a wide selection of parts to keep old motorcycles on the road. Things like engine gasket sets, carburetor kits, fork seals, levers, cables, brake pads and more to help you resurrect and maintain your Ironhead. We also believe that any machine can be turned into a Café Racer, Street Tracker, Bobber or Chopper and we offer a wide selection of parts to retrofit almost any beast in those traditional styles. Our team rides and wrenches so feel free to reach out if you have questions about your Ironhead!