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    The custom motorcycle culture of the United States in the mid-1960's is where the modern day term chopper comes from; cutting/chopping the frame to achieve a certain aesthetic. Longer front ends and rake angles, as well as rigid frames (no suspension), tall (ape hanger) handlebars, and bigger front wheels are a few main characteristics of a chopper. Most choppers are hand built using hard to find vintage chopper parts.

    The 1969 film Easy Rider increased the demand world-wide for chopper parts. The subculture went from a small group of motorcycle enthusiasts in the USA to a global trend. Custom motorcycle shops emerged, as did suppliers and manufacturers of ready-made chopper parts. Today's demand for vintage chopper parts is stronger than ever, leading many shops and builders to produce one-off, high quality parts that pay tribute to the originals.

    Old Bike Barn offers a wide selection of parts to keep old motorcycles on the road. Things like engine gasket sets, carburetor kits, fork seals, levers, cables, brake pads and more to help you resurrect and maintain your Chopper. We also believe that any machine can be turned into a Café Racer, Street Tracker, Bobber or Chopper and we offer a wide selection of parts to retrofit almost any beast in those traditional styles. Our team rides and wrenches so feel free to reach out if you have questions about your Chopper!