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    Dealer Program

    Old Bike Barn Dealer Program

    Old Bike Barn has always been about grassroots, independent motorcycling, and to continue with that tradition we are offering a dealer program aimed at smaller businesses and shops. We recognize the obstacles smaller motorcycle shops face obtaining dealer status with larger retailers and are glad to provide an alternative to help you grow. As such, every order receives individual attention to detail and follow up.

    Old Bike Barn Dealer Requirements

    In order to qualify for dealer status, you must complete the application process and adhere to the following requirements; after acceptance, all orders placed must total a minimum of $150, and you will be required to spend at least $1000 annually to maintain dealer status. Old Bike Barn reserves the right to revoke dealer status at any time for those not meeting minimum requirements.

    Dealer Pricing

    All Old Bike Barn dealers will receive the same dealer pricing. After approval, you will be able to view dealer pricing on our website using your own unique dealer login information. Please note that dealer pricing may not be available on all items.

    Shipping & Inventory

    Old Bike Barn ships USPS Priority Mail Monday through Friday. Dealer orders are charged list rates with no mark up on shipping. We strive to ship in a timely fashion, and most orders on items in stock ship same day.

    You can review our shipping policy here: http://www.oldbikebarn.com/shipping-information


    Dealers may make payment by credit card via website or phone at the time of purchase. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

    How to Apply

    Complete the dealer application below, or feel free to contact us at dealersupport@oldbikebarn.com or 888-851-5559 if you have any questions about the program or your order.

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