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    1974 CB125S - A 20yr Journey

    1974 CB125S - A 20yr Journey
    Imagine holding onto one of your first motorcycles that sparked the passion for you 20 some years earlier… Unfortunately, not many of us can say we still own that very motorcycle. This weeks story is quite the rollercoaster of the trials and tribulations of a 20yr journey with a motorcycle.

    One evening I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a few post sharing a photo of a full fairing small displacement Honda CB with the caption reading *STOLEN. This image kept resurfacing on my feed over the next couple days, I was curious to see if the bike had been found so I followed along the threads regarding the stolen bike. A few days later, the owner of the bike had made a post saying the bike had been found, in that post he had mentioned retrieving the bike he had owned for 20yrs. That sparked some serious interest, it’s not every day you hear of someone owning and continually rebuilding and riding the same motorcycle for 20+yrs. We reached out to Joshua to get the history and find out more about the recovery of the bike.

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